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Peter's favorite restaurants and food spots in Edmonton

If you know me you are probably aware that I have a pretty healthy appetite. A favorite activity of my wife and I is finding a new restaurant to try out. If we like it, then chances are we will be back for second and third helpings. We try to avoid chains and stick to local restaurant as these tend to have more unique chef inspired menus.

Here are my recent top picks in no particular order. If you have any dining suggestions to check out please comment below.

1. Otto

Who doesn't like sausage and beer?! Recently awarded best neighborhood gem for 2020 by Avenue Edmonton magazine, Otto is sure to not disappoint. They offer various styles and flavors of homemade sausages accompanied by wonderful sides. If you are not into beer they also offer a varied wine menu and hand crafted cocktails. If that isn't enough they also support the local farmers.

2. Sal's Famous

This is my pick if you are looking for a pizza, calzone, or donair. Located on 82 street just north of the Yellowhead, Sal's Famous is worth the trip with their generous portions. Their calzones are huge and they don't skimp on pizza toppings.

They are definitely my go to if I want some carbs and a movie.

3. The Marc

I have been a fan of this restaurant for a number of years now. I really like the Cornish game hen and the duck is also delicious but you can't go wrong with anything on this menu. If you are looking for an appetizer; go with the steak tartar or escargot in bone marrow. Once again this restaurant makes a tasty cocktail and have a super wine menu (duh its a french restaurant ). If you haven't been yet you should check it out.

4. Sabor

Another older favorite of mine. This restaurant offers Spanish and Portuguese flavors in an upscale dining environment. Like all my picks so far, Sabor has an excellent cocktail and wine selection. The risotto is fantastic. If you and your companion are really hungry go for the family style. That way you can get a nice selection of a few items. Nice spot if you are looking for something a bit more romantic.

5. Blowers and Grafton

If you are looking for a couple beers over some Halifax style pub food then you should head to Blowers and Grafton. Inspired by our east coast friends, this restaurant makes a killer donair pizza.

6. The King and I

This is my favorite Thai food place. My go to is the Bangkok noodles. The coconut flavor with hoisen sauce is addictive.

7. DaDeo

This restaurant has been around for a long time for a reason. IT IS GOOD. New Orleans style menu in a dinner experience - what?. Expect a line at peak dinner and lunch hours as they do not take reservations.

8. Dorinku (Lauren's Pick)

If you like Japanese street food but don't want to spend 11 hours on a plane then check out Dorinku. Locations on both Whyte ave and Jasper ave. This is not a typical Japanese sushi bar but instead focuses on snacks or grab-and-go food in a restaurant setting. Too many choices? Go for the chef's sampler to get a few options to try out.

9. Tony's Pizza Palace

Another iconic Edmonton restaurant. Tony's is great for both dining in and taking out. Many different varieties of pizza and pasta dishes. The pizza is New York style Italian.

10. The Greenhouse

I have been around the University tons and for lunch the best choice for a healthy meal is the Greenhouse. My go to is the Brain food salad (salmon salad) with a Jerk Chicken wrap. Lots of salad, wrap and soup options here.

Honorable mentions:

- Characters

- Green Onion Cake Man

- Tres Carnales Taqueria

- The Parlour

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Apr 16, 2020

The restaurant reviews are a fantastic idea! Hope the restaurants see your blog and appreciate the free advertising and endorsements you gave.

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